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Adrián Muros Alcojor

Minas de Santa Quiteria, Toledo. 05-03-1962


Dr. Architect by the UPC in 2012, Architect by the ETSAB in 1987. Associate Professor at the ETSAB.

Coordinator of the ITA line -Technological Innovation in Architecture- of the Master MBArch, of the UPC.
Coordinator of the Research Group in Architecture and Technology GAT-SGR.
Director of the TEL-Workshop of Light Studies- of the UPC.
He develops his research in architectural and landscape lighting, both artificial and natural, technological innovation and sustainability. Advises in the field of facilities and environmental conditioning, efficiency and energy saving.
He is the author of numerous patents, designs and projects for architectural, urban, artistic and monumental lighting.
Author of books on artificial lighting and climate conditioning, he has published articles in indexed and specialized lighting and architecture magazines.
Author of residential buildings, equipment, Industrial, interior design, rehabilitation, urban planning, product design and lighting design. He worked as an architect in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games. He has won several awards in Architecture and Design Competitions.






Oriol Pons Valladares

Barcelona. 09-02-1980

Architect since 2004, professor of Architectural Technology at ETSAB, UPC since 2008 and doctor since 2009. His professional experience as an architect, for example, in the technical office of the Basilica of the Sagrada Família (2013-2017) and the company of prefabricated structures and facades Planas (2004-2008 and 2011-2012), is strongly related to its research projects. He is an expert in school, industrialized and post-disaster architecture and its sustainability, as well as in architectural construction in concrete and waste, among others. He has led and participated in competitive projects in these areas of expertise at the UPC and the iMat Research Center (2008-2011), authoring several patents, presenting the results in numerous scientific and dissemination publications, books, conferences, courses and exhibitions.



Eva Crespo Sánchez
Barcelona. 01-06-1979


PhD in Architecture from the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and Professor Serra Húnter within the Department of Architecture Technology from the ETSAB to the UPC.

Expert in the design and development of projects at the level of installation systems (air conditioning, lighting, fire and accessibility) and envelope related to solutions of high energy efficiency and optimal environmental behavior with the aim of promoting buildings with almost zero and positive energy consumption. in Mediterranean climates. Execution and management of international and national projects and + R + D + i (IEE, Ecoinnovación, H2020) and development and coordination of basic and executive projects, as well as leadership of the development of the executive part of environmental comfort and services of Building projects for residential and non-residential use both in new construction and in rehabilitation, with preferably industrialized systems.


Torsten Masseck




Associate Professor -Serra Hunter Fellow- at the Department of Architectural Technology of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He earned his PhD at the University Research Institute for Sustainability Science and Technology (IS.UPC) in the field of Architecture Living Labs and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

He is expert on Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and Zero Energy Buildings (ZEBs), leading since 2003 the Solar Research Unit CISOL at the ETSAV School of Architecture. He is coordinator of UPC participations in European Research Projects related to smart buildings and smart cities like Roadmaps for Energy – R4E (Horizon2020) and the Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator.

He is an expert on Living Labs (task leader of IEA-EBC-Annex 74), member of the Norman Foster Plus Energy Building Award Jury (Bern, Suisse), Faculty Advisor to the Solar Decathlon Competition teams of UPC since 2010 and member of the board of directors of the Green Building Council Spain (GBCe) forming part of its working group on circular economy in the building sector.





Josep Ignasi de Llorens Duran

Doctor (1986) and Architect (1972), he obtained the 1992 Extraordinary Award of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and completed his training in Spain and other countries by attending courses and seminars related to building technology. He taught Building Construction in the Department of Architecture Technology at the Barcelona and Sant Cugat Schools of Architecture. He currently participates in professional courses of the Architect Associations and other national and foreign institutions, as well as from the Polytechnic Universities of Berlin, Dessau, Innsbruck, Krems, Madrid, Mexico City, Moscow, Shanghai, Stuttgart, Munich, Central Venezuela and Veracruz. With the GAT Research Group of the Department of Architecture Technology, he explores the possibilities of cable-stayed and membrane structures, experimenting with constructive, typological and architectural solutions. He is part of the CEN / TC 250 WG5 working group that develops the Eurocode "Membrane Structures".


Jelena Nikolic

PhD in Architecture, 30/09/1982


Jelena Nikolic has been an Architect since 2007 and a PhD since 2016. Currently she teaches as a professor of architecture degrees in the subjects: Physics I and Physics II, within the Department of Applied Physics at the Higher School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB).

He has completed his research through teaching, giving classes in the studies of Master Technology in Building Architecture and Urbanism on Techniques and systems of industrialized construction; Integral rehabilitation

Her professional experience as an architect is that of a Project Leader with a professional career of more than 10 years. He is currently part of the Project Management department and has participated in the design, execution, management and development of projects in sectors as diverse as building (residential, commercial and industrial), new construction and comprehensive reforms. He has worked on projects at national and international level (Russia, Italy, Serbia). He has managed complex teams from various disciplines.

Its main competences are related to the management of projects and works using its versatile profile in the field of architecture, building engineering, construction technology to provide a comprehensive, optimized, precise and innovative point of view. She is an expert in social, industrialized housing and its sustainability.

Acts as an external member within the evaluation processes of new proposals for COST (European Cooperation in Science & Teshnology).

He is a reviewing member of scientific journals for technology in architecture, of which "Building & Environment" and "MDPI" have a high scientific impact.


Fabian López Plazas

Bogotá- 19/08/1969ópez-7b64b86



Dr Architect UPC (2006), Master in building UPC (1995), Architect from the Universidad de Los Andes (1991, Bogotá) and from the La Salle School of Architecture (2017, Barcelona)). Undergraduate and graduate professor in architecture and sustainability at various professional colleges and universities in Spain, Argentina, Peru, Canada and Colombia.

Founding member of the Societat Orgànica cooperative (2004 to 2021), participating in the drafting of more than 60 building projects in different consulting, calculation, auditing or regulatory justification roles for institutions and offices of recognized solvency and prestige. Member of winning teams of more than 20 public and private call building competitions.

He develops his research on issues of energy efficiency, bioclimatism, energy poverty and efficiency in the use and management of resources in buildings.

He has been a member of the team of the ARC Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle group (2016 -2019). He has participated as a specialist and collaborating researcher in European projects: RELS UE ENPI – CBCMED, GrowSmarter HORIZON 2020, Urban Innovation Action UIA Climate Shelters, and at the state level: ENERSI Project-State Research Program 2014-2017.

He is the co-author of books on energy efficiency, energy audits and environmental quality, co-author of articles in indexed journals and reviewer member of several scientific journals. He has been an advisor to the Barcelona City Council Energy Agency, the Catalan Energy Institute ICAEN and the Barcelona Education Consortium CEB, among others, for the drafting of municipal and regional regulations.



Jordi Pagès SerraArchitect, Department of Architectural Technology of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Anna Alexandra Ramos SanzArchitectDepartment of Architectural Technology of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Amaya Caballero MarcosArchitectDepartment of Architectural Technology of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Nuria Miralles del RioArchitectDepartment of Architectural Technology of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)